Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Making Progress

I am so excited about these pictures I took of little Lucas, Jen's newest baby. I drove up to the Bay Area last weekend for a quick visit to meet the new little man. I also just discovered that Photo Shop Elements has action sets. This may not mean anything to you...but it means I can make skin creamy and colors pop more in my photos. This is VERY exciting to me!! That is the best part about this little photography hobby of mine...there is always something more to learn. Here are a few of my favorites of Lucas.

I have a bunch of pictures of this happy little dude smiling. He smiled so much in his sleep and not just your typical little gassy smiles favored by most newborns. He had full on grins! Check this out.

I have never met a happier newborn.


Joiner Family said...

Oh my goodness your photos are looking so good! Keep at it!

Jen said...

I love my baby :o)!
Your pictures are completely amazing!!!!!! I'm so happy that I get to benefit from it!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Amy said...

Gorgeous!!!! Thanks for sharing! Where did you get your actions? I've been wanting to get some for awhile, but I need to update my elemenst's 4.0.
You took AWESOME pics and Jen's little guy is adorable!

GETyourMOMMYon said...

Congrats to Jen! Your son is quite photogenic. Marisa made it very hard to pick an announcement photo, but I vote for the first picture in the blue cap. Hope you read this. Megan