Wednesday, September 9, 2009

If you ever find yourself in Sacramento...

stay at the Citizen Hotel.

The rooms are super clean, nicely decorated and there was not a nasty hotel quilt to be found! This is where I stayed with my sisters and my Mom, back in June, when we were belatedly celebrating my Mom's 65th birthday. When trying to find a place to stay, I found a review that said, "If you have to be in Sacramento, this is the place to stay." I couldn't agree more.
This was the view from the Bathroom. Makes Sacramento look halfway decent I think. Downtown Sacramento had a strange vibe. It felt a little like a ghost town. But things were busy over the Capitol building. Politicians were busy not agreeing on a budget. We stopped by Arnold's office to see if we could help but this guy and the bear would not let us in.
But they did let us wander the halls and peek into the budget vote.

We were pleasantly surprised at what a nice time we had. It was interesting to walk around downtown. We had fun at a MAC counter getting our makeup did. And, we had a fantastic dinner at the hotel restaurant.
We don't live near each other so this rare night out will be remembered.

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Mara said...

I love the makeup! Marisa, your eyes look so beautiful and dramatic:) Gotta love MAC:)