Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Our hearts are broken for Whitney. We met Whitney a little over a year ago when she answered an add I posted for a part time nanny to watch the kids while I worked from home. She was starting her last year in Cosmetology school and we instantly loved her. She has been a great help to me over the past year.
Yesterday was supposed to be her big day. She completed school, passed her state board test and was to have her first day at her first "real" job at a Salon near us. She made a big decision to try to move down here and start her career away from her hometown of Fort Bragg. Unfortunately, her older brother died very unexpectedly on Monday in a very tragic way. She is home now with her Mom whom she is very close to. We are so sad for their loss. Please think, pray, hope (whatever works for you) for Whitney and her Mother and Father. Their lives will be forever changed.


Josh said...

Peaceful thoughts to Whitney.

Mama Bear said...

How tragic. We will definitely keep her in our thoughts and prayers.