Sunday, August 2, 2009

Full Circle

In other big life moments last week, we were blessed with a new nephew. He was born 3 weeks early and still came in at over 8 pounds! Mara, Keith's sister, arrived at the hospital at I think 9ish on a Thursday morning. By 10:15 AM this little guy was here. Mara didn't even have time to get an epidural. She pushed this 8 pound bundle of joy all by her own drugs needed. Well, maybe they were needed but they wouldn't let her get 'em. Go Mara! I am impressed! We were so excited for the news and then we waited. We waited and waited and waited and waited to find out who this little guy would be. They were stuck on the name. Last Monday, four days after his birth, they named him...
Welcome to the world Maxwell!!


Amy said...

Congrats, Auntie Marisa!!! He's adorable!

Mara said...

What a tribute! I'm glad he can be in someone's blog since I'm too lazy to do my own. Thanks, sistah!