Monday, November 8, 2010

Camping in San Clemente

We went camping this past weekend in San Clemente.
The campsite was just yards from this view.
This was Elise's first official camping trip although she frequently reminds me that she did camp once in Aidan and Ashton's backyard.  She rolls her eyes in disbelief that I could forget such a night.
Elise in the tent in her cousin's backyard in Utah.

The kids had a blast with a little more freedom than they get at home and explored the campgrounds on their bikes.  Sam met two boys from the site next to ours and we did not see him much after that.  They hit it off instantly.  I quickly grew fond of these boys too...they were very sweet, had great manners and the ten year old took the natural role of the leader and the protector of the younger boys.  That meant Mama could relax and have a drink!  We enjoyed the time with our friends and enjoyed meeting the parents of the nice boys.  We kept a safe distance from the extremely friendly crew at the other site near us.  If I could whisper in text I would guess... swingers.  I can't confirm this, thankfully, but individually, several of our party came to that assumption.  Isn't that veird?  

More camping is in our future.  We had so much fun.  

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