Saturday, July 31, 2010

Just post it

Can't...keep...up...I have too many pictures to edit!  One post a month is not going to cut it for this "scrapbook" of mine.  I need to get over my picture editing addiction and just post away.  So here we go...
4 days in Tahoe with my sisters...unedited.

Fun is...

Staying in a hotel room with your cousins

lounge chair surfin'

posing on a rooftop

three year old cousins
playing tag on a rooftop...unless you are Sam and you have a bad cough
hangin with your teddy
takin over the rooftop
football on the beach
snow on the mountains in late June
playing in the water
getting warm on the hot sand
cold water on a hot day
naps on Aunt Megan
a beer on the beach
playing in the big afternoon waves
trying to out run the wave
letting the wave get you
letter boxing
leaving our mark on the hidden treasure
getting the kids their own table for our last dinner with the cousins.

We had so much fun with our cousins it was hard to say goodbye.
Lucky for us we had another 4 days to spend in Tahoe with more friends.
To be continued...

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GETyourMOMMYon said...

Thanks for sharing your great Tahoe moments. I'm behind in my posts, too. Hope to catch up soon.