Sunday, July 12, 2009


I don't know where to start on the posts about our trip. Usually I have some sort of story in mind but this time I am just overwhelmed. We did so much and I have not had any time to edit pictures this week. Work was busy, the kids are not in school, Keith was out of town, and the weekend was too beautiful to spend inside. Here are a few samplings from our week in no particular order.

This picture is Grandma Ranahan with most of her great-grandchildren on her 90th birthday. I think Regan (2) and Reilly (3) made it pretty clear they were not interested in a group photo at this time.
The next pic is Elise giving Gramma a kiss. (Most people type Grandma, right? I don't know why, but I realized I like typing Gramma much better.) Anyway, I was so proud of Elise for giving Gramma a kiss. One, Elise can be moody and she could have easily refused. And, most likely, it would have been a dramatic refusal. Two, she has met my Gramma twice I think, so she really isn't too familiar with her. Those of you who know Elise, know this is a pretty big deal that she is handing out a kiss to, I hate to say it, but a stranger, really.
My Mom, my sisters and I cruised around the capitol in downtown Sacramento. We walked through the halls and watched over some of the voting on California's budget which still has yet to be approved. My older sister found it painfully boring to watch. My younger sister and I were both in shock at how unimpressive the Senate seemed and thought we could do a much better job.

This is Yamile. Wife of one of Keith's best friends. Wife of his Best Man, in fact. Chris met Yamile (Pronounced with a J sound, not a Y) in Bolivia toward the end of college. He went back to Bolivia with a goal of capturing her heart and they have been together ever since. They have three boys. Two are twins about two weeks younger than Sam. The night the twins were born, Chris and Yamile's house burnt down. Crazy, right?! That is a story for another time. Yamile and I did a little photo shoot at the beach in Tahoe and here are a couple from that. Including a picture of me. I like being the photographer way better. I am not at all comfortable in front of the camera and I rarely like how I look in a picture...I made mine overexposed so you can't see all the wrinkles around my prematurely aged irish eyes!


Amy said...

Love that shot of you!How cool! Hahaha...I totally agree, I would rather take the pic than be in it!

Jen said...

Don't be mean to my favorite mama! You are beautiful inside and out :)!!!!! XO

Mara said...

I loved the picture of you. You look beautiful. I've been waiting anxiously for a post of your trip so thanks for sharing:) I'm looking forward to more.