Thursday, November 13, 2008

Longbeach Aquarium

Sam has been fascinated lately by deep sea life and has never ending questions about who lives at what level and what eats what. He is particularly taken with Angler fish, lantern fish, and dragon fish. He has watched every deep sea documentary that I can find on You Tube and we draw endless pictures of Angler Fish. This all started after watching Finding Nemo. There is a big Angler fish scene in that movie. This past weekend we decided to take him to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Longbeach to help answer some of his questions. It is no Monterey Bay Aquarium but it is pretty impressive. Unfortunately, we did not find any deep sea fish but we saw lots of sharks, had a front row viewing of the shark feedings and saw many Nemo and Dory fish so Elise was excited too. I didn't get very good pics from inside the Aquarium but after we went on a boat ride around the harbor, I think I got some OK ones from the ride. Anyway, here they are...

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