Monday, September 22, 2008

A visit from the Joiners

After Mara, Cole and Emma headed back home to Georgia. Kerry, David and Regan arrived to stay a few days before attending a wedding in Laguna Beach. We had so much fun playing with the Joiner's. Regan is such a sweet, smart and articulate little girl. Sam and Elise still call her Baby Regan...even though she is only 12 days younger than Elise. Sam asked me how old she was and I told him, "2." He said, "she talks better than Elise...maybe she's 3"

On Saturday night, Keith and I had the pleasure of babysitting Regan at one of the disneyland hotels. We took the kids out to dinner to the Rain Forest Cafe in Downtown Disney, went swimming at the hotel pool, had an excellent view of the Disney fireworks and enjoyed a breakfast buffet with Goofy and his friends on Sunday morning. It was like a disney vacation without ever going into the park!
Oh! how can I forget?! Papa and Curly babysat for us on Thursday night and Kerry, David, Keith and I got to go out for an adult dinner at a great Italian restaurant. Thanks, Papa and Curly!!

Some pictures from the hotel.

Some from the Wild Animal Park.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Marisa and the whole Farnsworth gang! We had so much fun spenindg time with all of you. And I love the pictures you took! :)

The Joiners!

Mama Bear said...

Very cute pictures...very cute kids! Glad you had fun with all the company! Thanks for letting us come down and hang out, too! Hopefully we'll see you guys again soon!